Chioma A Nwosu

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2018  Chioma A Nwosu ®
Nigerian-Born Detroit-Raised Yogi
Ms. Nwosu began performing at the age of 4 as a way to overcome her shyness.  Being the African kid at school was always a bit tough and those early dance classes & oratory competitions were ways that young Chioma could find her voice and break out of her shell.

Her Nigerian roots keep her grounded with the help of fufu and jollof rice. And as a proud Detroit native, you can count on Chioma to effortlessly parallel park any sized vehicle in a pinch.

When performing Chioma focuses on the humanity of the characters she embodies and the common emotional thread that connect the audience to the dramatic circumstances faced in each story. She can also bring unique humor and spontaneity to comedic situations.

If she's not on set or stage, Ms. Nwosu is either providing massage & physical therapy, at the yoga studio working on her headstand or leading yet another class into a meditative savasana.